Are you a Digital CX leader or are you lagging behind your competitors?

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26 customer journeys, 14.000+ real customers, 137 websites

6 industries, 13627 hours research, 60.000+ website evaluations

How we do it

Are you among the companies with the best online CX? Do you top the rankings as a winner or are you lagging behind the competition in your industry?

More about DEM2021
  • For every CX Benchmark study we perform, we use our proven approach and research model: in this way we are able to benchmark customer experiences across industries, countries and journeys!

  • We've included CX scores from 26 unique customer journeys from August 2020 to July 2021, in 6 industries, generating 1 overall winner and 6 industry winners in Automotive, Energy, Finance, Insurance, Retail, and Telecom.

  • Without a benchmarked perspective on what the competition is doing, you’re optimizing your CX blindfolded!

What you'll get when you join the WUA platform

  • Full ranking of all 137 Dutch websites measured (August 2020 – July 2021)
  • Know where you stand in the ranking and compare yourself to the direct competition in your industry, and to the #1
  • Unlimited access to a Free Digital Experience Dashboard of our full product on journey-level
  • Unlimited access to the Digital Excellence Monitor 2021 Dashboard
  • Device breakdowns with desktop and smartphone rankings, per industry
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With The Digital Excellence Monitor 2021, we’ll unleash a full year (August 2020 – July 2021) of online customer experience research in the Dutch market with rankings in six industries: Automotive, Energy, Finance, Insurance, Retail and Telecom.

That’s easy, just create a free MyWUA account and you can access the full Digital Excellence Monitor 2021 dashboard there. A nice bonus: you’ll also have access to a demo dashboard of our full product, so you can explore what CX benchmarking really looks like!

You can name yourself an industry “winner” if your Digital CX Score is the highest of all the market players in your industry, on desktop and smartphone combined (average). This year, you’re not a winner if you’re #1 on desktop or smartphone ONLY. If you’re a market player (like ANWB), who’s active in multiple industries, it could be that you are the winner in more than 1 industry.  

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